What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

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Identity Theft has become a huge problem in the United States as everyday more and more people wake up to find themselves a victim. They get up and maybe they receive a notice of a past due notice for a bill in their name that they never signed up for or find that their credit cards have been used without their consent. This can cause all sorts of headaches and can seriously damage a person’s credit and finances as a whole. So what do you do if you find out your identity has been stolen?

Check Your Credit Reports And Bank Statements

You will need to get copies of all three credit reports and copies of several months of bank statements. This will allow you see the total scope of the damage; exactly what accounts have been affected, and the scope of the damage done to you finances and credit.

Put A Stop On Affect Accounts

This means that if you notice that there are fraudulent credit card charges or bills in your name such a utility that you didn’t authorize then immediately shut those accounts down. Doing this as fast as possible can help lesson the impact of the damage caused. Hopefully keep them from spending too much of your hard earned money and credit.

File A Police Report

While filing a report with the police may not be help in actually catching the criminal who stole your credit it can help you later on down the in disputing the fraudulent charges either with your bank, credit bureau or other financial institution. Filing a police report will help establish proof that the charges were not your and that you shouldn’t be liable.

Call And Dispute The Charges

Once you have done the other steps you can call your credit card company or whatever lender is associated with the affected accounts and dispute the charges. Some banks will be easier to work with than others and may simply reverse the charges and change your account numbers for better protection in the future. Other lenders may not be so easy and may try to do an investigation first or may ignore your claim altogether. If they do this then you may have serious negative marks on your credit report that be a hassle to remove.

Use A Credit Repair Company

At CRE Credit Services we specialize in helping people remove fraudulent and inaccurate marks from their credit reports. With our program in as little as six months you can have the damage of the identity theft removed and be back on enjoying your life worry free.

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