The Spender Vs. The Saver – Can Opposites Make it Work?

The Spender Vs. The Saver – Can Opposites Make it Work?


Couples are often made up of two people with different personalities. Most couples contain one conservative person and one free spirit. The conservative person is the person that wants to create a budget every month and control every penny that comes in and goes out, while the free spirit can’t look at a budget for more than 15 minutes without getting distracted by something shiny.

Savers need spenders and spenders need savers. Couples made up of a saver and a spender usually do very well because they balance each other out. The saver needs a free spirit or spender to help them live a little, while the free spirit needs the saver to keep them from swimming in a pool of unpaid bills and credit card debts.

These two go together well, but they have to find a balance or resentment may set in. If the saver tries to control everything, the free spirit may be inclined to spend more, which will upset the saver and cause issues in the relationship. Getting on the same page financially will help, but it doesn’t mean you have to change who you are.

Communication is what really matters and when a couple communicates about the household finances, they will find other areas of their relationship improving. It’s okay for one person to do the budget and take care of paying the bills, but the other one needs to have a say in where the money goes.

The saver should be the one to handle the budget every month, but the free spirit needs to approve it after making at least one change. This will allow for an open dialogue and both partners will have a say in where the money goes and why.

Once the budget is finalized for the month, both partners need to honor the agreement. Changes should only be made after an emergency budget meeting involving both partners. If you can learn to manage your finances together, you can avoid the number one cause of divorce in the United States.

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