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Testimonials From Referral Sources

Better Credit…Better Options

CRE Credit Services Reviews:

CRE Credit Services is the premier credit repair and restoration firm in the country

CRE Credit Services has a proprietary audit process that allows us to have the highest deletion/correction percentage on credit reports in the country. We have advanced technology allowing all of our mortgage and real estate partners to track all of their client’s progress through our program. We brand the clients back to their referral source and even have a department that works directly with the lender’s guidelines to get that individual client qualified and back to the referral source ready to close as quickly as possible. CRE gets almost 500 people qualified for a home loan every month and has become the most referred to credit services company in the country by mortgage and real estate professionals.

Quick notes:

No dispute codes left on file

Significant credit education gearing the client towards getting qualified

Follow ups with new credit reports and scores on each client throughout the program (not hard inquiries to do so)

Best money back guarantee in the country

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Below are some testimonials from some of our referral partners. Feel free to call us or fill out the form below for us to reach out to you!

Anna, Loan Officer

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Kristie, Mortgage Loan Officer

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Casey, Senior Loan Officer

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Jenna Devers
Devers Delivers ~ Houston’s Premier Agent

As a Real Estate Agent, vendors are always calling and asking for your business or telling you they are the BEST almost daily. We all try them and most never do what they say. I can tell you that Steve Emerson with CRE is not only good people, he is a Great resource to help any business. 95% of my business is referral based and therefore I only choose the best of the best as business partners for my clients; I absolutely recommend Steve with absolutely no reservation.

Steve’s passion for what he does is clear with every word, as his thought process is completely outside the box always looking at every option that will assist the client. Honesty and integrity is something you can’t learn in a book or have just a little of; it’s an “all or nothing” quality that Steve wears proudly.

A Good husband, business man and daddy Steve is a well rounded individual that treats his clients and his clients referrals like gold. As a business professional Steve has exceeded my expectations with my clients and my business partners. High energy, knowledgeable and eager to please Steve is someone if you don’t know – you should.

Chalamaine Carr
Managing Loan Officer at SecurityNational Mortgage #259978

Steve is great to work with! My clients respect what the company has to offer and I have gotten positibe feedback from everyone that I have sent to Steve. I have introduced him to my colleagues and they have felt the same way and sent him their business.

Arthur Thompson
Executive Director at 5LINX Enterprises Inc.

Steve is working hard to change this world one credit report at a time. If you need someone real to work on your credit, get with Steve.

Taige McIntyre
Mortgage Banker NMLS# 525971 with Chase Bank

I have had the honor and pleasure of working quite closly with Steve this year. Steve is, without a doubt, a foreward thinker with a drive to succeed. His genuine desire to better the lives of his clientele is evident both in the time he spends with them, as well as the care he takes to ensure that they receive the highest level of service. The thing that separates Steve from others in his industry, however, is the fact that he arms his clients with the tools and education they need to help themselves as well. That aspect is what makes him a professional and places him above 99% of others in his industry. He is someone I would send my own family to if they needed his services. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who finds themselves in need of the services that he provides.

Richard Woodward

Experienced and cutting-edge mortgage lender in Dallas Texas providing innovative mortgage solutions to clients. As a lender I am approached often by credit repair companies and over my 15 years have referred many. I have never worked with one as efficient as Steve Emerson with CRE Credit Services. His team is responsive and knowledgeable and they approach the process with professionalism and integrity. I would highly recommend Steve.
January 26, 2013,

Kirsten Fleenor
Branch Mgr. / Sr. Mortgage Broker at Array Capital Investment

Being a mortgage professional it is Highly Recommended that you align yourself with Steve Emerson – Business Development Manager of CRE Credit Services.

It amazes me to see how well this credit repair company operates. Steve and his team handles my clients very professionally and with the utmost care. At the end of the day, I know my clients will be ready credit-wise when they have finished the program and move forward to home financing

Jeremiah Johnson- So happy to be a part of the CRE team! Having been an LO and seeing what we did for my clients, I’m excited to have left being a LO and help the clients with more than just purchasing their home! Excited about what’s going the future holds for us.

Jessica McBride (Loan Originator at Assurance Financial) (Lake Charles and Lafayette, LA) Steve Emerson is amazing! We have seen such great results and turned denied clients into closed loans! Thanks for all you do!

David Miller (Residential Mortgage Loan Originator at Gatewary Mortgage Group Dallas, Texas) Love the CRE gang! Great service! Steve Emerson and the gang have a ton of knowledge!

Matt Powers (Loan Officer at Security National Mortgage Company in Austin, Texas) Hello FB community, just want to throw my 2cents in and post that only in a matter of a few months since I met these guys and started sending them referrals that I have already turned 2 clients’ credit around and closed them on their first home just this past week! Wow! I listened close to these stand up guys, educated the clients as to the “whys” and BOOM! What do ya know?! Its paid off and this is just the beginning. I now have our whole office following suit and can’t wait to not only help clients but further define that its not always about the quick fix, but about helping our customers long term goals which in turn reciprocates back to us for repeat business. You take care of your customers and they will take care of you tenfold!

Erin Arnold LaFont (Loan Officer at Assurance Financial Group in Louisiana) So glad I met Steve Emerson. Seeing a client add 150 points to his score after 1 month shows me just how much business I was missing out on before. Thanks to CRE for helping my clients get a fresh start and learn better habits!

Taige McIntyreI don’t post very often, but I just wanted to take a second to say that when it comes to credit repair, CRE is truly a top shelf company. Everyone is very good at what they do, but it’s the genuine care they have for their clients that separates them in my mind. They’ve helped many if my clients and I am very grateful to them for that. They help solidify my relationship with my clients, which is more valuable to me than anything! Thank you guys!

Anthony Haab These guys are amazing!! If you want a professional company to handle your situation and get you on the right path. This is the company!!!!

Nekea Johnson Steve is the absolute best along with Chris! I just pre-qualified a client yesterday that came out of CRE repair services! You guys rock!!!!!!!!

Patrick Escabi CRE is an amazing company. I am a finance manager at one of the biggest Hyundai stores on the Northeast. I send every person we can’t get an auto loan right to Steave at CRE. Few months later they come back ready to buy. I have people call my office all the time thanking me for passing on the great advice to use Your services. Great company!

Kathy Saldua-Silva (Loan Partner at Liberty Bank and Trust) CRE is the Only credit restoration company I will ever use! They are the real deal!
Mr. Emerson is a consummate professional and industry leader. His drive and determination are only matched by his technical skill as manager of any high level sales oriented organization. He brings his passion and “A” game every day without fail, always searching for and finding the best solution that will exceed customer expectations and drive company growth. He is a “Win-Win-Win” man. Mr. Emerson has my highest recommendation
Alicia Kruse Marketing Manager I have worked with Steve for over a year now and his team. I highly recommend them not only because the exceptional work for our clients but also from my own personal experience. Steve is always on top of the clients we referred and does an excellent job. They effectively communicate the status with me and the process with the client.
Amy Dowden Mortgage Banker at Eustis Mortgage I have worked with Steve for the last two years. Every time I have referred a client to Steve, his team has worked quickly and efficiently to determine and service their needs. They effectively communicate the status wth me and the process with the client. Steve’s vast knowledge of credit and mortgage lending makes him a valuable partner for credit repair.
Robert Bowker Sales Manager at PNC Mortgage I have enjoyed working with Steve because they are honest and will tell you if they do not need their service and will tell you what the customer can do on their own to get the score where they need it to be. I also have had no issues reaching steve whenever needed and getting my answers.
Paul Robinson Mortgage Banker at Northwest Mortgage Group nmls# 235238 Steve and the company he represents are helping my clients improve and heal their credit. This is the first company I have found that is not simply doing things a client can do for themselves. They are working with clients that can truly benefit from CRE’s service.
Dana Rich Licensed Loan Consultant at Wallick & Volk Mortgage Steve is great with follow up and totally reliable with the assistance he provides our customers. If you are looking for credit help, Steve is your man!!
Melinda Debus Senior Mortgage Consultant at Wallick & Volk Steve Emerson/CRE has be instrumental in assisting me in taking my customer service to the next level.

After the mortgage melt down, the new normal seemed to be mid 500 with pages of collections, short sales, bankruptcies and repossessions. I would use credit repair companies with little to no success and became frustrated for my potential clients who so desperately needed professional guidance and intervention.

I came in contact with Steve Emerson with CRE via LinkedIn. That day was a turning point for me. I finally found the “real deal”! Really, CRE is the real deal. They are experts at what they do and they do it correctly with permanent results.

They have and currently are helping my clients achieve what they thought was impossible….homeownership. What is more, they have changed and touched the lives of my valued customers who now have a clean slate and can hold their head high with a feeling of dignity and pride.

In turn, Steve’s invaluable service has reflected well on me and has produced eligible buyer’s for my agents/referral partners and eligible applicants for myself. It is a triple win all the way around.

I cannot say enough or express how important an expert partner is in our industry.

Thank you Steve for changing my life and the lives of my valued customers.

Melinda Debus -Wallick & Volk Phoenix, AZ
Henry J Daniels Sr. Mortgage Banker, CMHS & CMPSI As a mortgage Banker I’ve always been pleased at the results of Steve and his team at CRE. I have clients who are unable to qualify for a loan due to errors on their credit report and Steve and his team get very impressive results that are correct and Legal.

The Credit restoration industry is plagued my many unethical and fly by night companies and I can see the results every day when a credit report comes across my desk that has been done by one of the “other guys” it’s normally a total wreck. I never see this from one of CREs Clients

M. Glenn,
I could not have done it without you, I truly appreciate your help. Please let me know when you come back to Lafayette maybe then you could me with other mortgage companies that I am in contact with that would be interested in your program.



Denise Retting – Loan Processor |

3909 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Bldg D I Lafayette LA 70503
Office 337.993.5626 | Fax 337.993.5765 |

Family First Mortgage Lic# RML1702 NMLS# 110317


Thank you for not only lunch but the information covered in the meeting. I have to be honest in the past 18 years working with all types of credit I have never been and advocate of “traditional credit repair”however that to all changed with the information yesterday. That was the first time anyone really took time to explain not only the system but how it could be corrected. The fact that CRE keeps up the communication after the referral is the “selling point” for me I shared with Matt, Aubrey and Kay that I personally feel we could set up a practice of referring all the close ones and see 3-5 additional loans monthly from that program after the 60-90 day time needed to make the necessary corrections. We’re excited and look forward to visiting in Vegas

Donald L Carter

Subject: Client ********* Homes

Another success story! She is ready to go thanks! I know that this one too hard work!

Kenda Goldsberry

Loan Officer Assistant

Interlinc Mortgage Services


17000 Dallas Parkway Ste103

Dallas, TX 75248


Please see attached:

“CRE” does it again!!! – We are all good my man! Just FYI we got that done in under a week from Charisse’s suggestions! Thanks Charisse!


Robert J. “Bo” Kiebach

Mortgage Loan Originator

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company Mortgage Banking Division

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