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CRE Credit Services boats an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

CRE Credit Services Reviews:


“Hope all is well. I have not talked to you in a while. As you can see from this attachment my scores are now 800, 766, 766 which is something to be very proud of and I think your group immensely for the support and help you demonstrated.

Again from my wife Penny and myself, thank you from the bottom of our heart from your groups work.”


“Great Vicky- looking forward to receiving it! I’m so thrilled that you’re helping me with this process. In our few conversations I can tell that you take a personal interest in making sure that your clients are satisfied and are on track to start accomplishing some of their goals. I genuinely appreciate it”


“Daryl I just wanted to let you know that after just 4 months you guys have completely cleaned my credit up!

I was skeptical at first because so many people have tried services like yours and end up disappointed, my wife being one. She is now anxious for you to get started on hers. I have recommended you to my friends and coworkers and we will be contacting you this week to get started on my wife’s. I’m happy to say, job well done.

Once again thank you for the great service. Please use me as reference, I know the challenges of trying to rebuild after a rough time and it’s impossible to do without credit, thank you for getting that part back for me!

Thank you”.


“First off, you are awesome! Thank you so much, it has been very exciting to see the results coming in! I can’t believe how much has been deleted. The money we have paid has been completely worth it!

I got some credit scores through free credit report, and it says my current scores are 630, 610, 605. Which is an improvement from last October when they were in the mid-500s.

So thank you, than you.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank your team for not only the work they do but the way you guys conduct business. I have been a mortgage banker for 10 years and dealt with just about every credit repair company under the sun while some have had success they failed in communicating with my clients and others have neither been successful or communicated well. Your team including CR, have shown successful results for my clients and communicated well during the process. I will continue to refer my clients to your company and I look forward to many more success stories.”


“Thank you! I woke this morning feeling better than I have in years because you have given me hope where there was none, God bless you!”

Charolette and Charles

“O-M-G!!!!!! I received 2 of my credit reports yesterday and today. I CANNOT BELIVE MY EYSE! CRE IS WONDERFUL! There were 30 negative items listed on my Transunion report and 20 of the 30 were deleted!

I now only have 5 negative and 4 positive items listed on my CSC report and even 2 more of them can be disputed again because they are from collection agencies! Charles and I are so amazed. You should have seen me running around the room jumping and screaming! My kids thought I was absolutely crazy.

Okay! I’m ABSOLUTELY convinced, confident, and a true believer in CRE. So much so that I have been on the phone with everyone. You should send some more business cards too. I admit I was kind of worried at first, but hoping for the best. Boy! Did I get the best and more! I could have never done this myself in a million years. I would have just sat back and waited and prayed for 7 years hoping the negative items would just fall off and go away because I didn’t have the time, know how, patience, money, or energy to do this myself. I’m sure many other people fell the same. Just so glad I found CRE and was able to get the results I needed. This is a miracle. I’m overwhelmed that this was done in just 30 short days.

I am mostly amazed at the hospital bills that were deleted from Financial Controls on the TransUnion report. That company would call me at 8 am sharp and call 100 times a day back to back until 8pm sharp. I send a certified cease and desist letter to get them to stop. Now they’ve been double whammed because not only did they have to stop calling me, now their accounts have been deleted from reports! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

I’m just so overly excited. Can’t wait for the next report to come. I can’t say THANK YOU C… AND CRE enough! You guys are ABSOLUTELY GREAT! It feels wonderful to have a fresh start and this time learn to be more responsible for my credit! What an eye opening experience. I was seriously considering bankruptcy because I thought it was my only and last hope, but CRE proved it was not necessary! With improved credit and my income,

I’m on my way to home ownership again! I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you isn’t enough, but what else can I say? Thank you!”

Monica and Johnny

“Thank you so much for keeping us informed and updated on Johnny’s progress… you don’t know how at ease I feel that we have made a right decision with joining your program.

I promise to join up as soon as Johnny and I can afford to squeeze a little more finances out of our budget. It may be sooner than you think since I graduate in less than a month and my job prospects are already in a row. I have several interviews this week and hopeful I will have a job soon and then we can afford to sign me up.

I really appreciate your help.”


“I wish to thank the team at CRE Credit Services and you for assisting me get my FICO score raised from a moderately good rating to an excellent rating. Getting old information and erroneous information removed was a boost, but teaching me the secret of keeping monthly charge limits below 50% on any one card would cause my credit score to go up versus down. Now I spread charges around on several cards and monitor balances. Your firm’s attention to having “hard inquiries” from unauthorized third parties (people I haven’t requested credit from) removed from my credit report was also beneficial as “too many hard inquiries” is another trigger that lowers a credit score. Before, I never realize how often this happens.

Most of all I appreciate the professional manner in the way your firm treated me and handled by credit matters.”


“Yes I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of your work.

After seeing what miracles your services can perform I will not only recommend you to others but as soon as we can get it fitted into the budget I will contact you to start working to fix mine. At that time we will then be able to keep both of ours tracked and monitored monthly from that point on.

Thanks again for all your help and concern. I will be contacting you again to start mine hopefully real soon.


“This is absolutely wonderful news!!!

“I’m so amazed at how much CRE has been able to do in 2 short months! Also, Charles and I were sitting in CiCi’s pizza and I was checking my email on my cell phone. I saw the list of deled accounts and stated reading the aloud to Charles. Every word was “deleted, deleted and deleted”. I just kept reading and repeating “deleted” out loud and a lady at the table next to us turned and said she didn’t mean to be nosey, but wanted to know about all the deletions she kept hearing me mention.

I explained to her that it was in reference to the many items that had been deleted from our credit reports in just 30 to 60 days.I told her about CRE and gave her your card. I wrote my name on the back as a reference.

I didn’t get her name, but I hope she calls! I think I will type my testimony with your name and number and post it at my college and job in hopes that other will call and get the help they may need for their credit issues.

I’m just so excited about all of this! It’s the fresh start we needed! I’m thankful to you and CRE for all of your hard work.”


“Please allow me to begin with my testimonial…

PERSONAL EXPERINCE… as a number of you know the past 5-6 years have not exactly been a “joy ride”! I found myself, yet again, without a job… living/working through the high tech “boom” and having to survive the “bust” placed me in a very precarious financial position. Sold my condo (to avoid foreclosure)… had a “short term” position with Lowe’s (I was NOT the greatest in a retail environment)… moved on to a position as a courier which really has been a wonderful opportunity outside the “questionable” business practices/lack of integrity/etc.

I found myself in an extremely poor financial position… a number of people close to me deserve my eternal appreciation for not only their financial assistance in particular their moral support… the situation drove my credit straight to the “bottom”… I am talking LOW 400’S!!!

I WAS very fortunate to be introduced to a team of professionals totally focused on assisting clients by increasing AND maintaining great credit scores… MY TEAM helped me reach (are you ready??? Hang on to something so you don’t hurt yourself!!!) THREE (3) SCORES… 784-799-780!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are thinking…”…yeah credit “repair” take your money and do nothing … “JUST stop… this team truly has knowledge, experience, and a process that works… I am living, breathing proof!

I know… I know… each of you has been asked to help in this manner before… I have touted this team for quite a while now…they have followed through…I, of course, still cannot believe my eyes when reading my credit report… have followed their recommendation… and it is working!!! Please call/e-mail me with any questions, comments, etc.

Hope you and yours are well and happy… wishing you HEAVEN in your heart, STARLIGHT in your soul and MIRACLES in your life every day!

Vicky Thomas

“I am sending this letter because I am in such awe on how and what this company has done for me so far during this credit recovery journey. All the representatives are nice and try their best to answer every question you might have during the whole process. They keep you updated on everything you would want to know in a timely manner. I really needed this help from CRE, I am a 33 year old women with children and I have never had good credit really to begin with and it’s certain things that I want to be able to do for my children once they hit a certain age and never have I been comfortable when I know a credit check has to be done.

My scores were all in about the low 500’s with each credit bureau and just after 2 audits have been done getting old stuff off my credit that’s been on there for years and years to come my scores are now in the low 600’s for each credit bureau. I have been so amazed at what CRE has done for me thus far it’s like all my dreams are coming true for me and finally and we are all truly blessed. I would refer anyone to this great wonderful company.

I know we all have made mistakes with our credit at least one time or another let this company help you be the stepping stone to getting you back on track and not ashamed anymore. There not even done with me yet but I know the result so far just have been wonderful and now I will able to get what I have always wanted for me and my family a brand new spacious home and buying my teenagers a start off car and help them take care of it.

Most of all Jason R. is a wonderful guy that has been assisting throughout this whole journey and if though some of the payments were a little rough at first but it’s all worth it in the end with this company. Things I thought wouldn’t come off or I thought I was going to have to pay all this money Jason and the CRE family has tuned my frown upside down into a smile. Now I am a firm believer that this really works and invite you to do the same if you need it.

Finally, my debt was like almost 16,000 and now it’s only about 4,200.

Thank you, Jason for your inspiration and working for such a great company and most of all for all the many laughs on the phone. Thank you all so much you all have saved my life now I ca provide a better life for my children and that really means the world to me.”

Steve Burian

Signed up about 90 days ago. I did my first check on my credit today it’s been roughly 100 days. It jumped 127 points no bull crap and that was the first go around. I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone.

Lysander Smith

Been with CRE since last January an must say I am impressed. I have gotten 3 negative accounts deleted so far. Their customer portal is awesome is awesome and their customer service is second to none. Really curious to see where my credit is when i finish the program!!!

Janeen Dawn Illsley

They know what they are taking about and help you get where you need to be in today’s economy.

Lisa M Pagano

I’m a real person and I’ve used this company since august 2013. I have to say that they have done everything they said they would and then more. Worth every penny I spent and I’m feeling free finally.

questions? feel free to message me at any time, I’ll tell you the truth about the great work they have done for me.

Tina and Matt

I don’t know if we have shared our appreciation for your hard work. Your position cannot be an easy one and we felt you should here a ” THANK YOU” and true gratitude for your diligence in bringing our credit back to a “head held high” position again!


Good Morning Mr. Jimmy,

I just wanted to thank you for signing me up for this program. I feel extremely confident in CRE’s ability to help me out with my credit issues. After reading countless testimonials and reviews I am really excited to get started and can’t wait to begin to see results. If everything looks ok after the first 45 days were also going to sign my wife up as well. Our goal is to have our new home by January. I also want to thank you for being upfront and honest with me , and being perstistent in reaching out to me. I know this program will change our future and our lives. Again thanks and have a wonderful day.



Cindy and I just closed on our home today. I wanted to say thank you to you and your company, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help.

Vicky, Charles and the team at CRE have been a part of a huge transformation in my life. I thought that my situation would take years to “fix” and to that owning a home, buying any car that I wanted would be a very distant goal. Working with CRE gave me fast results and I was able to realize all of my goals within one year and am in a far better place as a result. I will always have them by my side when it comes to matters of my credit. They are responsive, take a personal interest, and overall just very nice! I have sent three more friends to them already and highly recommend CRE Credit Repair to anyone else looking for a similar transformation.


Great Job!!

I’ve made one of the most important moves in my life choosing you guys to repair my credit and now I’m on a path to achieving my goals to owning a home thanks for all the hard work you guy have done for me.


CRE Repair,

I would like to take the time to say thank you and especially to Adrian. Thanks to you my credit reports have all climbed up by at least 50 points and some even higher. Now I have been approved to buy my family a house. I was kind of worried at first, but after I sat down and talked to Adrian on the phone I got stated with their program when I got the first results back from the audit my wife and I were shocked. Everything they say they are going to do for you will pay off for you in the long run. I can’t say thank you enough to CRE for everything they have done for me and my family.

Lisa M Pagano

I’m a real person and I’ve used this company since august 2013. I have to say that they have done everything they said they would and then more. Worth every penny I spent and I’m feeling free finally.

questions? feel free to message me at any time, I’ll tell you the truth about the great work they have done for me.


I want to thank you so much for all you doing and have done for me. You and CRE have done so much for my credit and with doing so save me tons of money! If I had known about CRE I would’ve done this a long time ago!

Jessica has been great if I have questions she has the answers and doesn’t treat you like another number. So I just want to say thanks and I have already and will continue to recommend anybody I can to CRE so they can experience what I have…


About a year ago my husband and I tried to buy a house. When they ran his credit it was nowhere close to a 620. In fact the man told us it could take us 5-10 years to get where we needed to be. I was extremely upset!! I was/am tired of renting. To me I was just throwing money away instead of putting it towards something I’d own someday.

One day on Facebook a friend of mine post something about CRE! I called my husband offshore immediately to tell him we had been amazing! She has helped us every step of the way! And even gone out of her way for us!! Now we’re only a short time away from being able to own a home thanks to her and CRE!!! I couldn’t be more happy with our experience. It has been more than worth the little money we have paid plus has saved us a ton!!


Dear Joe Camacho and we credit services, I am very pleased with the resoles I have been getting I barely believe my sooners have already improved one want from a zero up to 602 in only a little more than a month my other two have improved as well. The drop of rate was higher than I was guaranteed it is amazing that Transunion has improved by 88% in such a small amount of time I cannot wait will I am completely done with the program and I can see the final results, I can only think they will be more than satisfying. I will definitely cater anyone who many need the help this program has given me. I thank you Joe Camacho and I thank us for all you guys have done.


Dear Joe Camacho at CRE, I will have to admit that you guys have proven yourselves. It was good to see that after three week in the program but input on my credit report started falling off. I am pleased with the program so far and can’t wait until even more has disappeared.

Thank you.

Calra Henry

Credit Repair:

I’m so glad to have referred to you. Since the day I take to one of your analyst, it’s been nothing but great result. Nine days into the program I’ve seen progress, have gotten progress reports and can call if need be to discuss things that I don’t understand thanks to Joe Camacho who I have been working with, for his wonderful work, continue to keep doing excellent work.

ATTN: Joe Camacho


Thank you CRE!!!

After many attempts of trying to correct our credit score, we simply could not get if over 600 down on our luck and recently turned down for a home loan we turned to CRE for help.

Thanks to Joe Camacho and the staff of CRE we were able to see a big difference on our credit in one months’ time. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.


Thank you CRE:

When we were in need to increase our credit score and could not bring up past 600 you took the time and helped us.

Now in less than two short months our scores have reached over the 690’s with one of our score increasing as much as 110 points.

Thank you guys in putting all the hard work into helping us with our credit scores.


Hi Vicky,

I just wanted to share some success since you have heard a lot of crying form my corner of the ring.

wells Fargo has approved us to buy the house. We are waiting for BofA to accept. If they do we will soon after close on the house! If not, back to the search. Now that I am qualified I don’t really care how long the rest of the process takes. Now it’s Amy’s turn to push to get her house!

Thank you again for coordinating this for us, and to CRE for helping me get my credit in order. It feels really good to hear the word “yes” for once. Now that I have a much better understanding of credit, I don’t think I will ever allow my scores to dip into the abyss again.

As soon as we recover financially from the down payment on the house, we will start working on Amy’s scores.

Thanks again.


CRE credit services is definitely a very loyal company. They have made a great improvement on mine and my husband’s credit. Our scores have been brought up several hundred points. Doctor bills and other things were removed from my credit instead of me having to pay them for the rest of my life. I am absolutely amazed at what a great job they have done for the two of us. I would refer them to anyone. I never believe this could be done until it was proven to me. I would definitely say it was worth every penny we spent.


Ok. Thanks for the password cause I would have been typing to figure out what was what. It’s no big deal on the typo, I do it all the time and it was really funny cause your email came before I came back to my desk to get it after we got off the phone. That was very responsive and so is this email you sent back, so I know I am getting professional help from folks who care about their customers. That is what brought me to CRE is how you treat your customers. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything. Have a good evening and weekend.


I don’t know how to thank you and your team for everything you did for me so quickly. I have put off doing a credit repair because I have been a skeptic to the system, but with your assurance this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only did you repair my credit but the information and knowledge you provided to help me keep it there is just AWESOME!!!

Please know whenever I have the chance I will refer your service. I now have a credit score in the mid-600s from a low 500s, and I still have 2 months left in the program. Thank you for everything you have done!


Dear Joe,

I want to THANK YOU and your team for all that you have done to get my credit scores up! Going into this I wasn’t sure this would work, but you put me at ease after our meeting and kept me informed throughout the process. Your help has been invaluable to me, as I was at a loss at what to do to correct the old errors and items never updated over the years on my credit report – thus bringing down my scores. I have learned that I need to pay closer attention to my reports on a timely basis. As a result of your help, a lot of items got deleted and on two of the reports the scores went up by over 100 points each! I’m IMPRESSED!!! I would recommend you to anybody trying to correct errors or improve their scores for any reason.

Thanks again for your dedication to the task of straightening out “my mess” and your professionalism throughout the process! CRE Credit Services ROCKS!!!!!!!


Hello Joe!

I just wanted you to know that I got to close on the house yesterday and it is great to experience the feeling that all is well in my credit world!!!

When I walked into the closing, the escrow officer looked at the documents and smiled and said there must be some mistake, we haven’t closed any FHA’s with 2.75% loans, my lender was with me at closing and just smiled. Mr. Boyd had already told me going in, that this was the first loan he had done at that percentage rate EVER” So I felt special!! I cut my mortgage in half from 30 years to 15 years about $35,000.00 in savings from interest maybe more and at 3.50% lower in interest. I am on top of the world!!

And I thank YOU and your team for working with me to take care of my old credit problems. I couldn’t have done this without your expertise!

Many, many THANKS,



I don’t know how to thank you and your team for everything you did for me so quickly. I have put off doing a credit repair because I have been a skeptic to the system, but with your assurance this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only did you repair my credit but the information and knowledge you provided to help me keep it there is just AWESOME!!!

Please know whenever I have the chance I will refer your service. I now have a credit score in the mid 6005 from a low 5005, and I still have 2 months left in the program. Thank you for everything you have done!


Hello Vicki,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me with your services last year. Your help is very much appreciated and we are happy to say that we are now homeowners!

I will be sure to pass your name to anyone looking to re-establish their credit in the future.

Thanks again


My name is Monica of New Orleans ;

One day my sister came to visit my family in New Orleans, and we started talking about credit scores. I told her that I need to purchase a home but my credit was not in good shape. My sister stated that I am going to introduce you to my friend Jessica, who can help you get to where you need to be in order to purchase a home. It took me about a week before I made the phone call, because I had heard commercials talking about who can and cannot fix your credit. I called my sister again and she said, listen I am not going to send you to someone that I do not trust, so make the call. I made the phone and at that time my score was only 520, after talking to Jessica, I felt much better because Jessica, explained to me how the credit system works and educated me on what I should and shouldn’t do.

I am very glad that I made the phone call and I will say that I encourage anyone who is going through a divorce or a life changing experience you really need to make the phone call to get help. I recommended 12 of my friends including my ex-husband who thank me for introducing them to Jessica who works for CRE.


OMG I just have to tell my story of working with Jessica S. with CRE Credit Services. 1st she is just the greatest and sweetest person to work through a life journey with. You will not be disappointed. We started this process because we are at a time in our lives to get our own home, but with our credit scores in the mid 500’s we knew that dream would never come true. I searched several sights before I came in contact with CRE Credit Services, (Jessica). I was a little worried of the process and just what we would get out of there services. I thought, we will pay this investment and although she can’t guarantee us the highest score available, would it be at least a high enough score to qualify for financing? We went in to the process a little on the fence. We signed up for both myself and my husband, this was going to be a chance we just had to take. The first week I was itching to go to the mail box. The mail just wasn’t coming fast enough.

The second week, some mail. I thought ok, progress. And OH MY GOODNESS by the first moth we were getting letters almost daily. I would just scan them in and email them to Jessica, she would take care of the rest. We are now in to our second month and we have traded in my 2008 car to a brand new 2013 car with only 8 miles on it. And we are working on our pre-approval for a house. The all mighty American Dream is near and in our future, ALL because of Jessica, CRE Credit Services.

Our scores are from mid-500’s to high numbers of 687 and 683. This is too good to be true. At the beginning of this process our credit report was like 17 pages long, it was awful. Now it is good and clean with great numbers. Our banker asked me how did we do it. I told him I will tell you but, you have to promise me once I share my secret with you, you will use her as a referral source for any of your own clients that could benefit from her services? He agreed, I am telling you if you are on the fence, or looking for a credit service. Then look no further, you have found the people for the job.

I am living proof the American Dream can happen even for us….I couldn’t be happier we decided to move forward with CRE Credit Services, Jessica. Not only is she personable and such a wonderful person to work with but she will use her resources through the entire process. She will refer you to the lender, the realtor. She is the start and stop of it all. You can’t find that everywhere. We will refer everyone we know to CRE Credit Services, Jessica. She has truly made our American Dream come true. !!!

Thank you so much Jessica.


anthony testimonial - Testimonials


Dear CRE,

I am sending this letter to thank your wonderful representative named Jason Rodriguez. Jason insisted on signing up my husband and I for credit repair services. We definitely needed help with our credit, just never knew which way to turn. I have been married for 18 years, and always put on my skeptical glasses when new ideas appear. I was introduced to CRE services thru my husband, and figured this was another one of those money wasting ideas. I reluctantly agreed to have my husband sign me up. The payment and sign up info was all complete. This was way too easy to work. I figured I would wait to tell my husband I told you so.

My credit scores were Experian 497, Equifax 479, and Transunion 476. The paperwork sent from each agency was long, and full of negative information about me. I hated opening the reports and seeing all my negative credit past. I started with credit cards at the age of 18, and my maturity level was not enough to handle all I received. I ruined my credit score, and had these three evil agencies remind me constantly. I had the worst credit, and just knew it couldn’t be fixed. I felt embarrassed with my credit reports, and didn’t want anyone to see them. I kept piling up my credit agency letters, and letters from my creditors, hoping it would go away.

I didn’t realize CRE was working on my credit when these letters were coming in. I kept receiving phone calls from Jason at CRE. He was persistent in having copies of the mail from creditors and agencies I was receiving. I dodged his calls several times, as I knew sending copies of my mail was silly, and a waste of time. My husband finally took the pile of mail and emailed copies to Jason on my behalf. With in few months I started receiving credit card offers. So I applied for a new card, and was approved. I was shocked. The calls kept coming from Jason, and the emailed copies of my mail continued to be sent. I did nothing as my husband worked with Jason. I was still in denial!

With in a few months I was constantly receiving offers from Discover. I finally gave in and completed my online application. I was waiting to be denied as I didn’t think I was worthy of a Discover card. I was approved! WOW! The copy of my Equifax score showed I had a 709! I was astonished! I read that paper at least three times. I never had a score in the 700’s before. I am still in shock. I keep the copy of the Equifax score by my computer so I can look at it daily.

CRE actually works! Jason is a great guy, and persistent as ever. He tried so hard to help me, and yet I kept my heels in the ground. I could of reached this score sooner if I didn’t pile up my mail, and ignore his calls. The team at CRE worked so hard to help me. I didn’t think it would be possible to wipe away all my negative credit remarks. My evil credit followed me for years. CRE is the answer to fixing my horrible credit! Now my husband and Jason can say I told you so!

I am a full believer in CRE and the credit repair services they offer. I have seen how easy it is to start the program, and get results. Thank you CRE and Jason. You are the perfect unstoppable pair! I am excited to see my next credit report that comes in the mail. It will be like a breath of fresh air. My beautiful credit is here and continuing to grow. Thank you! I fully understand the need for having great credit scores, I just never thought I could have a chance at having them. I am skeptical when it comes to spending money, but urge everyone to try this. CRE is worth every cent of the price you pay. The benefits out weigh the cost! The team at CRE really do know what they are doing. I fully believe Jason is the right man to help people realize the benefits of CRE. Jason has the determination to help any negative person like myself make the credit repair decision of their life. My husband and I are so excited about this opportunity, that we signed up his mother! Thanks again CRE for having such a wonderful representative like Jason on your team.




Thank you Joe Camacho & CRE for all you have done!! I was able to finance a 2010 Hyundai Tuscan at 10% compared to the 18.5% on my previous car.

Stephanie C.

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I would just like to say that working with Jessica Sharkey has been a very informative and pleasurable experience.She has kept me up to date on my case has been there anytime I have questions no matter the time or day.That is something you don’t find anymore and I am so impressed.What she has done for me has been awesome,never thought I would ever be able to buy a house or anything else but with her help it is gonna be possible.I will recommend her and her company to anyone I know that needs same kind of help.


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