So You’ve Lost Your Credit Card

So You’ve Lost Your Credit Card

Losing your credit cards can be one of the scariest feelings in the world, knowing that someone could be out there purchasing things as you and potentially ruining your credit. The good news is there are steps you can take to protect yourself but only if you act immediately.

Be Absolutely Sure You Have Lost Your Card

Before you do anything be sure that your card is really missing. That means double checking your wallet or purse, the pants or jacket you were wearing when you last had it, and calling all the places you may have left it. There is always a chance that have only misplaced it.

Call The Issuer

Once you have determined that card is gone you will need to call the issuer immediately. The issuer is the bank that gave you the card whether it be Wells Fargo, Capital One, Discover etc. You will need to let them know that the card is missing, that they need to cancel the card and send you a new one. You will also need to let them know the last transaction you made using the card this way they can be sure to void any transactions made after the card went missing. You don’t want to be held liable for any purchases you didn’t make. Luckily, most credit issuers have theft protection just for cases like this.

Check Your Account Daily

Until you have your new card and everything is cleared up be sure to check your account statement daily. This will allow you to know instantly if any charges were made on your account and if they were you can be to contact the issuer right away.

Losing your credit card can very stressful but by following these steps and acting quickly you can avoid a lot of pain that can come with it.

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