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NFL Player Credit and CRE

Better Credit…Better Options

ff8c48cecf90adaf488b5ada69d4b1ae f29 - NFL Player Credit & CRECRE Credit Services is the premier personal services advisory firm pertaining to credit reporting status and credit education, specializing in catering to the unique needs of today’s high net worth individuals, professionals, employees, and extended family members. Our client-centered approach focuses on organizing and servicing all aspects of our clients’ personal credit status with the highest level of service, allowing them to properly focus on their careers with the trust and confidence that their personal credit reporting status is always in great order.
CRE’s experienced team of dedicated professionals will strive to organize and actively identify key issues to protect our clients from the pit falls of a derogatory credit status. We take great pride in our team approach and our ability to contribute to our clients’ success all the while maintaining that; confidentiality is always held to the highest practice.

NFL Player Engagement has partnered with CRE to provide unbiasedb47639aa62574681e1720dd6ce481eda f30 - NFL Player Credit & CRE
credit education and counseling services that can be customized to meet
the needs of each team. On-site education workshops are offered to each
team. Each workshop lasts 45 – 60 minutes and is taught in-person by
a team of CRE qualified education specialists in the field of credit services.

What CRE will do for you…

  • Free Evaluation of your credit report
  • Free Consultation of your credit status with expert analyst
  • Confidentiality kept at all times
  • Enrollment in Program if needed
  • Credit Education throughout Program
  • Remove inaccurate accounts and eradicate unverifiable records
  • Access to our CRM for monitoring of progress in program
  • Assistance in obtaining New Credit Trade Lines
  • Provide options for best creditor assistance
  • Protection from Identity Theft & Fraud
  • Restore your Credit Status to 100% Accuracy.

Items we can address:

Bankruptcy, foreclosures, repossessions, collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments, late-payments, student loans, dispute codes, identity theft, erroneous personal information, etc.

Lifetime & Money Back Guarantee

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