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Top Consumer Credit Complaints

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When you have a consumer credit complaint, you can take your complaint to the government and have it handled or mediated. There are many types of consumer credit complaints. The following are the top three on the list as compiled by the United States Attorney General’s Office.

Many consumers complain of usurious fees and unfair charges on their accounts from lenders and merchants. Fraudulent charges are the number one cause of consumer complaints each year.

Credit repair scams are another issue that consumers have reported quite frequently. While there are many reputable companies out there that will help you repair your credit properly and will not take advantage of your situation, there are also companies that aren’t as trust-worthy. These companies may charge you for their services and then do nothing to repair your credit file. As a result, it is important to research the company you plan to use before you let them have access to your credit file.

The other consumer credit complaint that makes our list of the top three is false advertising and deceptive sales practices on the part of merchants and vendors. These issues cost consumers immeasurable amounts of money and time each year.

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