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Kenner, Louisiana is the largest city in Jefferson Parish, and lies on the outskirts of New Orleans proper. Kenner offers many opportunities for its residents, as well as close proximity to all of the wonderful things that the Big Easy has to offer. The economy in Kenner is also flourishing. The unemployment rate in Kenner is only about 7%, which is below the national average and below the average for New Orleans. The median income for those living in Kenner is about $55,052, which is a little higher than the rest of the area. The median price for a home in Kenner is approximately $182,600; home prices in the area are steadily increasing, which makes a home in Kenner a great investment.

If you are looking to relocate to the Kenner area, it is important to brush up on your credit to ensure that you can get the mortgage you need to purchase a home. With today’s economy, many people are dealing with credit scores that are lower than they would like, and there is no shame in this. It is important to enlist the skills of a credit repair professional to help you erase any blemishes and raise your credit score. This will help you get the mortgage you need at a lower interest rate.

If your credit could use a little brushing up before you apply for a mortgage, we can help. Contactour team of financial professionals today for a free consultation. We will pull your credit report and analyze any problem areas. We can then give you advice and provide some credit education based upon your individual needs. We can also help you clear up any blemishes on your credit report and improve your score so you can get the mortgage you need. Contact us today!

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