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Fast Credit Repair

Better Credit…Better Options

There are many different types of credit repair methods and credit repair companies. Many companies will advertise they have fast credit repair or faster credit repair services than others, but there are many factors that come into play here. Every consumer is in a different situation, but many consumers looking to repair their credit are looking to buy a home relatively quickly. With mortgage guidelines being tighter, credit scores are more important than ever and most consumers don’t realize they don’t qualify for a mortgage until after they are denied for one. Many times consumers search and search for a mortgage company that can be more lenient or “considerate” in their underwriting, but ultimately it all comes down to having good credit scores.

Finding a fast credit repair company

Now as if the consumer isn’t stressed enough when receiving this news now they have to figure out what to do. There are many credit repair companies that say they are the best credit repair company or they can repair your credit the fastest, but you must be very careful and do your research when choosing a company. The biggest mistake consumers make is rushing into a decision and many will base it off pricing even when what they are really looking for is value. When it comes to repairing your credit fast there is not a “quick fix” or overnight way to magically clean your credit and any company offering to do so is not somebody you want to work with. A real experienced company should also do a thorough evaluation of your credit report to analyze exactly what is on your credit report. Many companies will make grand claims on what they say they can do, but ultimately you are typically just dealing with a sales person looking to make a commission. Any credit repair company as well as any consumer is going to be looking at a very similar time frame of getting “results”. This is of course as long as they work on your file immediately and do it correctly. What kind of results you get within this time frame largely depends on the credit repair company you choose. The data furnishers have 30 days to respond to the investigation initiated by the credit reporting agencies on your behalf. Sometimes you will get results sooner, but of course this time frame also does not include mail time as well. Many times you may not receive your results for close until 45 days after enrolling in the program. The most important thing you should be looking for is a very reputable and proven credit repair company and that is how you will get the fastest results. CRE Credit Services has proven to not only be the best credit repair company in getting consumers results, but also does it very fast. CRE Credit Services is trusted by thousands for mortgage and real estate professionals around the country to help their clients, because they know CRE is the best at getting them qualified and doing it quickly.

Why results matter most

You may have heard how low interest rates are, but most people don’t realize the impact of interest rates. Just a 1% difference in interest rate on a 30 year mortgage loan would cost the buyer 25% of the loan more in interest. To break that down that means on a $200,000 house you would pay $50,000 more in interest for just a 1% rate difference. This is why it is important to always focus on results of the individual credit repair company you choose and the value that brings to you in savings. As well most homeowners don’t realize the savings in homeowners insurance they will get for having better credit as well.

Don’t forget about dispute codes

Another big mistake consumers make is going with a credit repair company whose interest isn’t making sure their clients actually get qualified for their home loan. Many mortgage companies have stopped referring to many of the credit repair companies out there; because if they do not remove everything they investigate on the consumer’s credit report then dispute codes will remain on the credit report. These dispute codes prevent most lenders from being able to fund a mortgage loan due to the current guidelines. This actually should not be taking places since after the initial investigation is complete that dispute code will not impact the credit score. However, this is a very big and a very real issue for many buyers who thought when their credit repair company fixed their credit they were ready to buy a home.  CRE includes dispute code removal as a part of their normal services and can even perform this service for individuals who have this as their only problem. If you are trying to get qualified for a home and need to fix your credit then there is only one company that is not only the most trusted by lenders, but also offers the best credit repair guarantee in the industry.

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