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Rebuilding Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Better Credit…Better Options

With the financial collapse of the last decade many consumers and businesses have fallen on hard times and have had to file for bankruptcy. Many people around the country have had to go through bankruptcy proceedings, never a fun thing to go through. However bankruptcies can allow you to get rid of the financial stress you once faced and push you to rebuild your financial future.

The good news is that credit scoring models allow you to have good credit again after bankruptcy — but the most important thing is what you do after the event. Unfortunately, of the tens of thousands of credit reports we have seen in which bankruptcies took place, many contain significant errors. Owners may not necessarily even be aware of these errors if they were not well versed in reading credit reports.

Many of the credit report errors we see pertaining to bankruptcies show an account that was included in bankruptcy as not in the bankruptcy on the credit report, but as some type of negative account after the bankruptcy. This could be detrimental to your credit score and unfortunately this error, along with many others involving bankruptcies, go uncorrected even when disputed through the credit reporting agencies.

You must make sure you maintain an accurate credit report after a bankruptcy or it could adversely impact your credit score. If you have filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or Chapter 12 bankruptcy which has been dismissed or discharged, call one of our experienced credit analysts for a free credit evaluation to determine whether your credit report is accurate. Pro-activeness is necessary as many people do not monitor their credit report after a bankruptcy. They do not find out that they have inaccurate accounts negatively impacting their score until they apply for a job or some type of financing, and are either turned down or forced into a much higher interest rate than they anticipated.

We will not only make sure you have an accurate credit report, but also help you establish good credit and the right types of credit with the right ratios so that you can maximize your credit score. To start with your free credit analysis today, call 1-888-799-7267

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