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Better Credit…Better Options

credit eraser 300x197 - Credit RepairMost credit repair companies use form letters or pre-set computer programs and simply plug in one client’s name for another when disputing credit items. CRE Credit Services knows that your credit report is as unique as you are. We employ a knowledgeable and experienced staff of Analysts that are far more effective than a pre-set computer program.
Our unique Seven Stage System enables our team of professionals to initiate audits and monitor the responses from creditors, collection agencies, public record providers and other reporting agencies. This leaves the credit reporting agencies with no choice but to take action. We also contact the creditor directly, demanding a response from them within the time mandated by federal law. We will contact the FTC if your creditors or the credit reporting agencies violate your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When necessary, we can refer you to an experienced attorney who stands ready to file suit against creditors who are in wilful violation of your FCRA protected rights.

When you call CRE, you will speak with one of our experienced Credit Analysts who will answer your questions directly, personally and in total confidentiality. You do not want to outsource your financial future to a call center using unskilled telemarketers. Consider these differences:

  • CRE knows how to effectively resolve your credit issues legally and safely.
  • CRE has over 50 years of cumulative experience in the finance business, ensuring maximum
  • CRE guarantees your privacy. Every reasonable precaution is used to protect your personal
    information and is not shared with third parties without your permission.
  • CRE is so confident in our ability to satisfy your credit needs we offer a money back
  • CRE is registered and bonded for your protection.

Start today by calling toll free: 888-799-7267 (SCORE)

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