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Can a Prospective Employer View My Credit?

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Since every employee plays a role in their company’s overall success, job interviewers have to make extra sure that the right applicant is hired for the job. In today’s world, many individuals across the nation worry about their prospective employers taking a look into their credit reports, and using it as a deciding factor as to whether or not they should be hired for certain positions.

That being said, can an employer really view an applicant’s credit history? The answer is yes, but only if they get written permission from the applicant. Nevertheless, running credit background checks on applicants is starting to become a trend amongst businesses across all industries.

According to a survey conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), approximately sixty percent of employers check the credit reports of at least some of their job applicants.

Unfortunately, countless individuals have not-so-stellar credit reports, which in many cases could deter them from landing a job. However, credit repair specialists say there several things that anyone can do (aside from repairing their credit ratings) to prevent employers from rejecting their applications.

Experts suggest being proactive, and even informing employers about existing credit problems before they actually start running checks. Being up front – rather than attempting to hide certain details which they’re likely to find out about in the end anyway – is important, provided the applicant explains what he or she has done to meet financial obligations.

It would also be helpful if the applicant explains what measures have been taken to solve these issues so far, as well as show the interviewer that he or she has adopted a lifestyle that’ll lead to the elimination of current debts faster, as well as prevent any new ones from staining his or her record.

While these tips are indeed helpful for upping an applicant’s chances for getting accepted for a job, credit repair professionals constantly remind their clients that it’s always better to fix and maintain a clean credit report. CRE Credit Services deals with many people that have been turned down for jobs, promotions, or security clearances and has offered their services and resources to help these applicants achieve an accurate credit report. In addition, at the client’s request CRE Credit Services can offer a letter to a potential a potential employer or lender showing that the applicant is being proactive with a credit repair program from trusted financial experts in making sure they put themselves in a better financial situation.

Our free consultation provides a significant amount of free credit education and can be based on your individual credit report as well.

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