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Can My Job Application be Rejected Because of My Credit Report?

Better Credit…Better Options

To ensure the right man or woman is hired for the job, many employers have expanded their hiring criteria to include the applicant’s credit report.

Some interviewers may even reject applicants that have a poor credit history. Company heads believe that employees with large amounts of debt or credit-related problems are more likely to steal or commit fraud to pay-off their debts. Employers also believe that folks who can’t manage their personal finances properly are likely to be irresponsible workers once they’re absorbed into the company.

For more obvious reasons, retail businesses are amongst various commercial trade establishments that will pay extra attention to the details written on an applicant’s credit history. Specifically, anyone who handles the business’s cash in general will have to possess a comparatively clean record in order to gain the trust of his or her boss.

There are certain details within a credit report that’ll likely raise a few red flags, such as judgments and liens. The fact that any debt has remained so long that creditors had to resort to resolving matters in court is reflective of an individual’s level of responsibility.

Recent late payments and excessive credit utilization is a good indication of an individual’s inability to live within their means. Failure to create and stick to a budget is a sign of poor self-control and compulsive spending habits; both of which are characteristics that employers don’t want to see in their recruits.

Lastly, bankruptcy and foreclosure is a couple of details the new employer may frown upon, however with the recent economic downturn being upfront and showing you are proactive in fixing your credit and financial situation goes a long way to showing a prospective employer that you have fiscal responsibility.

Credit repair specialists are fully aware of the potential impacts bad credit ratings have on job applications. Using legitimate and legal means, a credit repair company can help you restore your credit to good standing over time.

Our free consultation provides a significant amount of free credit education and can be based on your individual credit report as well.

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