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Qualifying for a Jumbo Home Loan

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A simple definition of a jumbo home loan would be any loan — used for the acquisition of a residence — with an amount that exceeds the conforming limit. The “conforming limit” is basically the price limit of any mortgage set by two government-sponsored agencies, specifically: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The conforming limit is the maximum price of any mortgage the organizations are willing to buy from lenders. This limitation will vary in accordance to the usual real estate prices within the region, but in most it is $417,000. Anything over that amount would fall under the jumbo loan or would have to be separated into more than one loan with the first being equal to or greater than the maximum allowable limit for that area. Since a jumbo home loan goes beyond these limitations, lenders of this type of loan will be taking considerably larger risks than they would in extending conventional loans.

Lenders will compensate the potential financial hazards involved by upping their eligibility requirements, which includes a high source of income. Applicants for a jumbo loan are required to have a low debt-to-income ratio which allows them to pay all related expenditures comfortably every month.

Mortgage payments should also be less than 38 percent of the applicant’s gross income. In addition, they’ll require ample documentation in order for applicants to prove they really are earning good money.

The down payment required by these lenders is substantially higher as well. Creditors will often charge their clients a thirty percent down payment or more. In the best case scenario, applicants will be lucky if they are required a twenty percent minimum down payment.

Lastly, a stellar credit report is a big requirement by lenders. Applicants of a jumbo loan need to possess a score greater than 680 and some will need to have scores over 700 or 720 depending on the lender. Moreover, the details included in the reports should more or less describe the applicant as a responsible payer of debt.

In order to warrant qualification for the loan, as well as garner better interest rates and loan terms, the services of one of the best credit repair companies would definitely come in handy in such situations.

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