What Separates CRE Credit Services?

If you have ever searched online for a company to repair your credit you have probably seen hundreds of companies. All their websites can start to blend together and it becomes near impossible to pick the right one. So just what separates CRE Credit Services from the rest?


One reason we have become one of the top Credit Repair companies in the country is because of our CEO and Founder Simon Webster. Simon Webster has not only been in the credit and finance industry for near two decades, but he is also nationally recognized credit expert. Aside from running CRE Credit Services he also tours the country speaking at credit, mortgage, and finance conventions. Just this week he spoke in Oregon at the Great Northwest Mortgage Expo.


CRE Credit Services not only helps repair credit scores but also helps clients get new credit. Through our relationships with loan officers, real estate brokers, and mortgage underwriters we are able to help our clients get their dream home once they complete the program. We often receive notice of our clients getting the keys to their new home within months of completing the program.


At CRE Credit Services we have unparalleled service. Each client that enrolls in the program will have not only a customer service department that they can call to check on their status but also an online client portal where they can review their progress at anytime. Our repair department, that handles all the communications with the credit bureaus has the highest verified deletion rate in the country. All this ensures that our clients have the best results possible.

If you have been turned down for a loan or know that you have things that need to be removed from your credit reports give us a call. An expert credit analyst will help you pull your credit reports and cater our program around your individual situation. As always the consultation is free. 888 799 7267.

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