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How To Opt Out Of Credit Marketing

Better Credit…Better Options

For many people, pre-approved credit offers showing up in the mail are plain irritating. They also open you up toidentity theft, as thieves are stealing mail and opening up credit cards in the names of unsuspecting consumers. For others, these pre-approved offers may be an uncontrollable temptation that you don’t need or want to have around. You don’t have to deal with these, however. You can get opt out of these offers and greatly reduce the amount of mail you receive (and have to shred).

There are two ways you can opt out of these offers. You can elect to opt out just temporarily. This is great for people who are trying to repair their credit, people who will be traveling, or people who just want a break from the regular deluge of mail. You can also opt out permanently. This is great for people who don’t even want to deal with pre-approved offers and are content to go find their own credit cards when they are in need of a new account. To opt out, whether temporarily or permanently, simply visit Your information will be kept safe and secure, and this site is endorsed by the federal government. The form is short and simple and you will see a drastic decrease in your mail in six to eight weeks.

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