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Fico Score Factor Codes

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NIU = Not in use for this scoring model
IS = Industry Specific Option

Reason Code(Alpha/Numeric) (Fico II)(Beacon 5.0)(FICO Classic 98/04)
Amount owed on accounts is too highA/010101
Level of delinquency on accountsB/020202
Too few bank revolving accountsC/03NIUNIU
Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too highI/333303
Too many bank or national revolving accountsD/0404NIU
Lack of recent installment loan informationY/323204
Too many accounts with balancesE/050505
Too many consumer finance company accountsF/060606
Account payment history is too new to rateG/070707
Too many inquiries in the last 12 monthsH/080808
Too many accounts recently openedJ/090909
Proportion of balance to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accountsK/101010
Amount owed on revolving accounts is too highL/111111
Length of time revolving accounts have been establishedM/121212
Time since delinquency too recent or unknownN/131313
Length of time accounts have been establishedO/141414
Lack of recent bank revolving informationP/151515
Lack of recent revolving account informationQ/161616
No recent non-mortgage balance informationR/171717
Number of accounts with delinquencyS/181818
Too few accounts currently paid as agreedT/191927
Date of last inquiry too recentNIUNIU19
Time since derogatory public record or collection too shortV/202020
Amount past due on accountsW/I2121
Serious delinquency. Derogatory public record or collectionX/222222
Number of bank or national revolving accounts with balances2323NIU
No recent revolving balancesU/I2424
Length of time installment loans have been establishedISISNIU
Number of revolving accountsISISNIU
Number of bank or other revovling accountsISISNIU
Too few accounts currently paid as agreedT/271927
Number of established accountsIS2828
No recent bankcard balances29NIU29
Date of last inquiry too recentNIUNIU19
Time since most recent account opening is too shortZ/303030
Too few accounts with recent payment informationI/O31NIU
Amount owed on delinquent accounts3434IS
Lack of recent installment loan informationY/323204
Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too highI/333303
Amount owed on delinquent accountsIS3431
Payment due on accounts45NIUNIU
Length of time open installment loans have beenestablishedISNIUNIU
Number of consumer finance company accounts established relative to length of consumer finance historyISNIUNIU
Serious delinquency and public record or collection filed383838
Serious delinquency393939
Derogatory public record or collection filed404040
Lack of recent auto loan information98NIUIS
Length of time consumer finance company loans have been establishedNIUNIU98
Lack of recent auto loan informationNIUNIU97
Lack of recent auto finance loan informationNIUISNIU
Lack of recent consumer finance company account informationISISIS

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