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CRE Credit Services BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Better Credit…Better Options

Many consumers when looking for a reputable credit repair company or any company look online for information on that company’s reputation.  Many times one of the first things to come up is the Better Business Bureau.  Many people think of the BBB as a credible source for this kind of information, but many people are realizing it can actually not be reliable at all.  If you have not seen the 20/20 investigation done on the BBB you can click here to watch the video.

Each BBB is actually individually owned and operated and each one actually has different policies.  CRE Credit Services is based in Plano, Texas and all companies in the Dallas area automatically fall under the Dallas BBB despite CRE doing business nationwide.   For those that don’t know the Dallas BBB does not allow any credit repair companies to be members and they are all given an automatic “F” rating with the BBB.  The Dallas Better Business Bureau has actually decided to make their own interpretation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act that actually goes directly against legal precedent set by Judge Breyer.  The owner of CRE is a representative of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations.   Simon Webster has actually represented NACSO and the entire credit repair industry in front of the FTC and important congressional members and staffers.  We have received great support in confirming congressional intent of CROA.  Our company is not only nationally recognized as the best credit repair company in the industry, but we also have the best guarantee.  We started this company to help people, but unfortunately the BBB’s interpretation seems to actually encourage companies not to help consumers and due to their lack of conformity nationally it makes it difficult for consumers to trust the reputation of any BBB rating of a credit repair company in the country. This seems to be the opposite of the way it should be.

Be careful using the BBB to determine reputation

If you watched the video above you have seen the proof of the operations of the BBB.  Unfortunately, since they are all individually operated and not using national standards when looking at credit repair companies you can find a credit repair company that may not be reputable at all that has an “A” rating or you could find a very good company with an “F” rating.  There is actually no investigation into the companies themselves to determine whether they are reputable or not.  In fact, the BBB does not take into consideration the amount of clients a company has as well.  CRE has had over 10,000 clients and yet only has 15 complaints with the BBB.  That ratio not only makes us one of the best credit repair companies in the country, but it would make us one of the best companies of any kind in the country.  CRE offers the best guarantee in the industry and we are truly in this industry to help others.  We don’t want money from people we don’t help.  Most of the people out of those 15 who made complaints are actually current happy clients of CRE in which the BBB would not allow them to retract their complaints. The Dallas BBB also now considers any complaint against a credit repair company to be a serious complaint and to be unresolved no matter the outcome of the so called “investigation”.

CRE’s Proven Reputation

CRE Credit Services has the most proven reputation in the country  CRE is also the most referred to credit repair company by mortgage and real estate companies around the country, because they want to get their clients qualified for a home.  As well we are the credit education partner of the NFL which you can see here.  As well we work with many Fortune 500 companies and major universities as well.  To be connected with these multi-billion and multi-million dollar agencies where we are working directly with financials and personal information we have been checked out extensively by many organizations as a company as well as every individual at the company.  In fact, to give you an idea of our security protocol we are actually located in the former FBI office in Plano.

Message from our CEO:

If you are considering our company or any other credit repair company we certainly appreciate your consideration and we understand how difficult of a process this is. Many of our clients are looking to buy a home, a car, get a certain job, or some are just looking to improve their credit for the future. We understand how frustrating this process can be of dealing with your credit, the credit reporting agencies, the creditors, and then trying to choose a credit repair company to help you with all of that. I can assure you all credit repair companies are not the same and I am very active in national compliance of credit repair agencies as well as working to improve credit education throughout the country. I have a passion to help others and to really make a difference in the education of credit around the country. We have an entire staff of experienced credit analyst ready to help you and answer any questions you have. We are not just going to help to improve your credit we are going to make sure you have peace of mind that you will not have to deal with credit problems again! I would also like to let you know if you ever have any questions or need anything you can call and ask for me directly. I know this can be a difficult process and hope we can help make it easier for you.

-Simon Webster

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