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Credit Education

Better Credit…Better Options

Credit education is a very important part of our process. Credit reporting and credit scoring is very complicated and it can be even more difficult to understand due to the fact that there is so much misinformation on the Internet.

Many credit repair companies, lending institutions, and other financial companies, along with their websites, educate consumers with information on credit that is absolutely incorrect. The traditional credit scoring model designed by FICO is very complex and can be changed or modified by each individual lending institution based on their lending criteria. This means that you could pull a credit report from two different mortgage companies, two different auto finance companies, and a consumer report all in the same day and get completely different scores on each credit report. Many websites have also started using the Vantage scoring model designed by the credit reporting agencies, which can be very confusing to consumers as it has a completely different scoring system and isn’t used by most lenders.

A score in the 700’s on a FICO scoring model could be considered great while score in the 700’s on the Vantage scoring model could be considered poor. In addition to the difficulties in understanding how credit scoring works, trying to figure out how credit reporting works can make matters even worse. Creditors and collection companies pay the credit reporting agencies to report the items on your credit which can result in an overwhelming number of credit reports that contain errors on those items. These inaccuracies can occur at any time and without your knowledge. Inaccuracies can have a devastating impact on your credit scores and financing options. It is very important to understand your credit and monitor it regularly.

Our credit education services are currently being utilized by many fortune 500 companies, major universities, professional sports organizations, churches, schools, and charitable organizations.

Our mission as a company is to promote credit education and financial literacy in the country. We were recently in Washington D.C. where we met and consulted with members of Congress and the financial committee as well as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) in order to promote awareness of the lack of financial education. Our goal is to educate our clients so that they do not need a repeat of our services. We like to gain referrals from happy customers rather than see former customers come back with more credit problems.

Our free credit consultation is based on your individual credit report and offers a significant amount of credit education.

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