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Credit Card Scams

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The economy is becoming more difficult, and while there have always been scams that you should be aware of, they are now becoming more prolific. Scammers will assault you at home, via phone, mail or email. They are everywhere. The credit card industry is no different; there are now credit card scams that consumers should be aware of and avoid.

So, what scams involve credit cards? Some card issuers will issue cards with very low balances, such as $200 or $300. They will then charge you any number of fees, including membership fees, to eat up the available credit. You never get to use the card, but you are responsible for paying it. This is legal, but in many people’s eyes, is unethical. You may also have a legitimate card and see merchants charging miniscule amounts on your card when you received no products or services. They hope that you don’t notice. This is another scam, and you should file a dispute with your credit card issuer immediately.

The best way to avoid credit card scams is to research the offer and the company before you enter into an agreement with them. Only give your information to legitimate companies with a strong track record in the credit card business. Don’t enter into agreements with lenders that eat up your available credit with membership fees and other fees. Shop around and take your time to find good cards that will increase your credit score and help you get ahead financially.

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