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Credit Articles

Better Credit…Better Options

Credit is one of the most complex and misunderstood topics in the country yet it is something that is so important to so many people. There are all sorts of articles, blogs, and websites with information about credit all over the internet, however much of the information contains a lot of misinformation. Your credit can determine what kind of interest rates you pay, your insurance premiums, being able to obtain a job, qualifying for financing, and your credit can completely change your financial outlook. Most people don’t realize how much credit costs them and the difference between having good credit and having bad credit. Being that credit is so important there is certainly no shortage of information out there about credit reporting, scredit scoring, and how to fix your credit. However, credit is so complex that even many top financial companies and financial websites unintentionally misinform consumers about how credit reporting works. Our company was formed by two financial and credit experts one being directly from the legal and compliance department of Experian, the largest of the credit reporting agencies.

Our company has a true passion for credit and financial education and is hoping to change millions of lives by educating American’s about how credit works and how they can benefit from it instead of being penalized by it. Our site is filled with credit articles and blogs and below is a list of some credit articles written by us as well. We have done seminars at the mortgage, real estate, and financial institutions around the country as well as many fortune 500 companies, professional sports organizations, and non-profit organizations. We are actively trying to educate congressional members and staffers, the FTC, the CFPB, and many others on the importance and transparency of credit information being more accessible to consumers.

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