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Credit Education

At CRE Credit Services, we believe in giving our clients the tools and education to maintain their credit scores. We don’t want repeat customers, we want referrals from happy customers who’s credit scores continue to rise!

Credit Identity Protection

Identity theft of a minor is not a perfect crime. CRE Credit Services has some suggestions that will help parents protect their child from embarking on a financial life mired in fraudulent debt.

Types of Credit Cards

Learn about the 4 types of credit cards that can be issued to you and how each of them can help you build your credit score.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage or loan repayment with our handy calculator.

Credit By City

Learn about credit scores in your city and how it will affect your ability to purchase a home in your area.


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Credit repair can often use complicated wording and abbreviations that are hard to understand. Use our credit repair glossary to make sure that you understand everything in your credit report.

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