Protect Against Identity Theft

Protect Against Identity Theft

One of the main causes of poor credit is Identity Theft. Identity theft is when someone pretends to be you for financial gain. They may open credit cards or utilities under your name and then not pay the bill. This will cause your credit reports show late payments and eventually collection accounts. So what can you do to protect yourself?

Check Your Accounts Daily

Every day you need to be checking your banking and credit card account for suspicious transactions. The sooner you catch them the easier it will be to have them removed. If cause quickly enough most banks will immediately reverse any transactions and cancel the card or account and set you up new.

Pull Your Credit Reports Often

Everyone is entitled to one free copy of each of their credit reports each year. We highly recommend taking advantage of this. If you have already have a free copy of your reports and worried something new may be on there the good news is that there are several services online where you can pay just a dollar and get copies of all three reports.

Beware of Skimmers

One way Identity Thieves get your card numbers is from skimmers. You commonly see these on gas pumps. Whenever you swipe your card always check that machine is real and firm. Skimmers will easily come off if you pull them. Check the picture below for instructions.

skimmer 300x174 - Protect Against Identity Theft

Use Credit Repair

If you have found yourself a victim of Identity Theft then you may be in need of credit repair to remove all the inaccuracies off your credit reports. At CRE Credit Services we have the most trusted and proved credit repair program in the country that is specifically designed to work with people suffering from Identity Theft. To learn more about our program please call us a 888.799.7276

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