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Portland, OR Credit Repair

CRE Credit Services

121 Southwest Salmon St., 11th Floor
Portland, OR97204
Phone: 888-799-7267

Better Credit…Better Options

If you are suffering from poor credit you know just how much it can affect your life especially living in a growing city like Portland, Oregon. It can cause your monthly payments to skyrocket, your insurance rates to raise, and make it impossible to qualify for any new debt. That means you can forget about getting a new car, a new house, or even a credit card. Your credit has a direct impact on your standard of living and quality of life.

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Because of this we have been able to develop great relationships with mortgage professionals such as realtors and loan officers. This means that as you complete our program we can get you in touch with the people that can help you get the home of your dreams. Also during our program we can help you get new credit such as credit cards and secured credit cards so you can start building positive credit simultaneously as the program removes the negative inaccuracies that have been keeping your score down.

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To start our program or just learn more about it you can give us a call for a free consultation or fill out the form below. One our credit repair specialists will then help to pull your credit reports and then devise a plan of attack to improve your credit score within as little as six months.

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Our free consultation provides a significant amount of free credit education and can be based on your individual credit report as well

Start today by calling toll free: 888-799-7267 (SCORE)

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