Physically Fit and Financially Fit

Physically Fit and Financially Fit

Two struggles most adults find themselves in are the battle to get financially fit and physically fit. Having a little debt say $500 can add up over the years thousands of dollars the same way gaining 5 lbs one year can lead to gaining 30, 40, even 50 lbs as the years roll by. It is very easy to let bad habits take control gradually then before you know it there seems like it will be impossible to get back where you once were. Fortunately this is not true, every second that comes is another second to turn things around. But how can you do it?

Analyze The Problem

If you find yourself in debt you need to see exactly how much debt you are in. Is it credit cards, mortgage, student loans, car payment, etc? What are you paying each month to service these debts? And you need to know just what is coming in as far as take home income.

If you have put on some weight you would want to get a physical and what the Dr. says is the appropriate weight for your height and build at your age. Also you can see just how much exercise the Dr recommends for your body. You may have had injuries to your back or knee that can prevent you certain workouts.

Make A Plan

If you need to lower your debt and save money then you need to make a plan how you can do that. What part of monthly expenses can you cut out that could be used elsewhere. Maybe you can decide to not go out eat as often or maybe you may decide that having cable tv really isn’t worth it. If you look closely at your bills you will probably find a lot places where savings can be had. If you are really wanting to speed up the process you might be able to find extra part time work that can used to build up a savings or pay down the debt.

The same method can be used to getting in shape. First you can see what foods you are having that can be replaced with healthier foods. Maybe you are drinking too much soda that can be replaced with water or maybe you are eating too many fried foods or having too many sweets and chips instead of fruit and vegetables. Changing a diet is 80% of what it will take to drop the weight. Also, just like getting a part time job can help speed up the process of getting your finances in order so can exercise in helping you lose those unwanted pounds. You don’t have to work out like a professional athlete every day but maybe adding in a jog at night or an hour at the gym a few times a week.

Be Consistent

Any diet, any budget, any new way of life is not going to be easy at first and it will be really tempting to fall back into old habits but doing so wont be doing yourself any favours. If you are patient and consistent you will start to see your changes make a positive impact on your life, your wallet, and your waist.

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