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Most people rely on healthcare insurance to cover their medical costs. According to findings, 90% of Americans generally benefit from health insurance packages. This arrangement doesn't automatically eliminate a challenge for healthcare providers and the patients regarding settlement and bill remittance. This is where medical billing comes in. It's the process of filing, submitting, and following up on claims with health insurance companies to be reimbursed for services rendered by a healthcare provider.

This process alone is a complex one that requires expertise, accuracy, and speed that only medical billing specialists can conveniently do. Hiring a medical billing in Austin, TX, can pose an administrative headache. Their work is akin to what medical consultants do. At PCS Revenue Cycle Management, we believe that your patients should come first and shouldn't suffer the double anxiety of their treatment procedure and the logistics involved in paying through their insurance benefit.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Medical Billing

Ultimately, we believe that your practice deserves to be reimbursed promptly for the services rendered. We offer unrivaled medical Billing in Austin, TX. Many factors set us apart from the pack. Read on to find out why we're the top destination for your Austin TX medical billing solutions.

  1. We offer a comprehensive service for your billing needs.

We offer a wide range of services necessary to meet your needs as best as possible. Some practices are falsely informed and, so, lack clarity about what they need. If you're in doubt, we help you with coding (which is entirely different but part of the billing process), credentialing, and medical billing. Our billing process includes a well-structured tier process such as verification of claims, utilization management, billing, collections, and payment posting. We're your one-stop-shop for any complicated procedure involved in the registration of logistics and reimbursement.

  1. We offer competitive value-added services.

Apart from the core technical processes involved in billing, we offer value-added benefits that help you to maximize your reimbursement and let your facility direct all its energy on treating your patients. We offer a 20-30% increase of collections, 80% reduction of denials, and 25% faster reimbursement. Our providers are protected under Hiscox, a professional error, and omission insurance. These may seem like the ideal services offered by an average medical billing company, but most offer way below this threshold.

  1. We stay on top of the technological changes.

Our medical billing specialists and software experts continually educate themselves about the patterns and changes in the industry. They fully appreciate the value of automated processes compared to the old paper system, which is fading out of popularity. We exploit digital tools to deliver more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective billing services to your practice or medical facility.

  1. Secure and transparent

It's not enough to handle the privacy laws guiding the handling of Austin TX medical records with the utmost compliance. Cybersecurity risk is always on the increase. Data breaches as a result of cyberattacks could be devastating for your clients and your practice. At times, this breach can occur due to no fault of the company. Towards this end, we've built a reputation for our security system. Our company has adequate security measures in place to protect the sensitive data of every party.

  1. Cost-effective

We know that cost is a decisive factor when you choose your medical billing company in Texas.  Compared to the pricing of other companies, we're quite affordable. But our attractive price is never at the expense of quality services that you deserve.

If you're willing to learn more about our pricing structure, contact PCS Revenue Cycle Management to consult with a full-service medical billing company: 281-937-4089.

Medical Billing Austin Tx
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