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Lexington Law vs. CRE Credit Repair

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Common Questions:

Is Lexington Law the best credit repair company?

The term “best” could be considered to be that of an opinion. Lexington Law is the largest credit repair company in the country and they have been in business for a long time; however that doesn’t mean they are the best credit repair company at all. They do have many complaints on the BBB and they are not members of NACSO. The BBB is not always reliable when looking at credit repair companies, but the amount of complaints will usually tell youmore. Lexington Law has had 400 complaints in the last 3 years. There are also many complaints all over the internet about their services. They have managed to create a very large affiliate program and network online that has helped them to get a lot of business. An affiliate program basically compensates “publishers” who will create website about Lexington and/or credit repair. If you search online for terms like the “best credit repair company” or the “credit repair company” you will see many different websites with the same companies consistently at the top of the list with Lexington Law usually being the first one. This is because they offer an attractive compensation package in their affiliate programs for leads, calls, and/or clients who sign up for the program. If the question was “who is the largest credit repair company” or “what credit repair company has the biggest online presence” then they would certainly be the answer to the question. However, the bulk of their business comes from them having such a big online presence and not on a reputation of results. CRE Credit Services has built its reputation of referrals from clients and very notably on recommendations from mortgage companies, real estate agents, and financial professionals all around the country. As well many fortune 500 companies around the country refer their employees to CRE Credit Services as well. These companies choose CRE’s credit repair services after doing their research because of their unmatched experience in the credit industry. While many clients are in Lexington Law’s program for a year or two CRE Credit Services program is 6 months long while averaging very significant results in the first 30-45 days. If you are looking for experience and results you can count on there is no better credit repair company than CRE Credit Services.

Does Lexington Law Work? Does Lexington Law credit repair work? Does Lexington Law Firm Work? Is Lexington Law legit? Is Lexington Law good?

These are the commonly searched questions about Lexington Law’s credit repair services. Lexington Law’s credit repair does work for some clients and they may have good results with many clients as well. They do haveexperience and their processes can work as they are disputing items on consumer’s credit reports which according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act these items must accurate, complete, and verifiable. Although some clients are pleased with their services many former clients have elected to test out CRE’s credit repair services after being dissatisfied with Lexington Law’s credit repair program. CRE Credit Services has a proprietary 7 stage audit system that has proven to produce unmatched results in credit repair.

Is Lexington Law a scam?

Lexington Law is absolutely not a scam. Lexington Law is a legitimate credit repair company that offers credit repair services to many clients. They have clients dissatisfied with their program as any financial company would and although they may have a lot of complaints they are a legitimate company. Many former clients who have not achieved the desired results with Lexington Law’s credit repair program have been very happy with CRE Credit Services and the results. Many of which have gone on to close on their homes after becoming well qualified buyers.

What credit repair programs does Lexington Law offer?

Lexington Law offers a Lexington Regular credit repair program, Lexington Law Concord Standard credit repair program, and a Lexington Law Concord Premier credit repair program. When you look at the compare tab between all of the different credit repair program options you will see a lot of check marks on things that are basic parts of the credit repair process used as a marketing tactic, but they are not offered in all of their programs. In their premier package you also only get TransUnion credit monitoring, but it is very important to monitor all 3 of the major credit reporting agencies; the other two being Experian and Equifax. The have check marks on items like credit bureau disputes, dispute with Experian, dispute with TransUnion, dispute with Equifax, which is all basic of what a credit repair company would do. They have other things such as “pay as you go”, toll free support, 24 hour access for clients, which are all basics as well. There is definitely a difference between credit repair processes of how you can go about credit investigations with both the credit reporting agencies and the creditors and collection companies. If you are looking for a custom tailored credit repair program based on your individual needs and have a desire to get the best possible results through a credit repair program you should look at CRE Credit Services who offers only one program which is the best. CRE Credit Services works with the client’s budget, but does not choose to offer a lesser plan as a marketing strategy they offer the best credit repair service in the country and back it up with the best credit repair guarantee in the country as well.

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