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Glossary I

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Identity Secure

What is Identity Secure?
Identity Secure is a term used to describe an individual’s identity once it has been secured.


Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?
Identity Theft is a fraudulent act for personal gain in which, the person committing the crime takes on the private identity of another, usually for financial gain.


Identity Theft Police Reports

What are Identity Theft Police Reports?
Identity Theft Police Reports are the specific reports issued by the police when dealing with an identity theft case.


Identity Theft Protection

What is Identity Theft Protection?
Identity Theft Protection is insurance protecting an individual from identity theft, usually it will cover up to $1 million.


Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy

What is Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy?
Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy is the process of repairing one’s credit after the discharge of a bankruptcy.


Income Verification

What is Income Verification?
Income Verification is proof provided by the borrower or the employer of the borrower showing the average monthly income of the individual.


Increase Your Credit Score

What does Increase Your Credit Score mean?
The term “Increase Your Credit Score” is the process of removing errors, obtaining loans and paying off old loans to help improve the FICO score of an individual.


Individual Account

What is an Individual Account?
An Individual Account is an account held by a single individual, such as a saving or checking account.


Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

What is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN?
An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN is a number issued by the IRS or internal revenue service to those not eligible to obtain a social security number.


ING Bank, fsb on credit report

What does ING Bank, fsb on a credit report mean?
When an individual finds ING Bank, fsb on a credit report, it stands for an account or debt owed to ING Bank or ING Direct.


ING Direct

What is ING Direct?
ING Direct is a financial institution offering banking, asset management and insurance without actual branch banks. Recently the company was bought by Capital One.



What is an Inquiry?
An Inquiry happens whenever an individual gives permission to a lender or another entity to obtain a copy of the individual’s credit report.


Installment Loans

What are Installment Loans?
Installment Loans are loans with equal periodic payments to repay the principle amount with interest.


Insurance Bureau Score

What is an Insurance Bureau Score?
The Insurance Bureau Score of an individual is a rating based on credit bureau data and offers insurance companies a way of assessing whether or not an individual will pay the premium.



What is Interest?
Interest is the price paid to borrow money and is expressed in a percentage rate over the term of the loan.


Interest Only Mortgage Loan

What is an Interest Only Mortgage Loan?
An Interest Only Mortgage Loan is a mortgage loan only requiring the borrower to pay the interest charged on the principal amount borrowed.


Interest Rate Cap

What is an Interest Rate Cap?
An Interest Rate Cap is a rate in which the buyer received payments for the interest rate exceeding an agreed strike price.


Introductory Rate

What is an Introductory Rate?
An Introductory Rate is an interest rate changed during the beginning stages of a loan.



What is an Investigation?
An Investigation is a formal inquiry into something or someone, often associated with identity theft.


Investigative Consumer Reports

What are Investigative Consumer Reports?
Investigative Consumer Reports are reports found through a background check and often used for sensitive jobs and security clearance.


Involuntary Bankruptcy

What is Involuntary Bankruptcy?
Involuntary Bankruptcy is a situation in which the creditor forces the debtor into bankruptcy by filing an Involuntary Bankruptcy. This happens when the debtor becomes severely delinquent or when a custodian is appointed for the debtor.


Item-Specific Statement

What is an Item-Specific Statement?
An Item-Specific Statement is an explanation of a particular public record on your credit report.

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