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El Paso Credit Repair

Better Credit…Better Options

CRE Credit Services is the leading El Paso credit repair company helping many residents of the El Paso area fix their credit and buy a home. CRE Credit Services is a national sponsor of the National Association of Hispance Real Estate Professionals NAHREP and many mortgage and real estate professionals in the El Paso area refer their clients to CRE Credti Services for our unmatched credit repair services.

The average credit score within the city is 710 based on the Vantage scoring model which is far below the national average credit score and below the state of Texas average credit score as well. In El Paso, reparacion de credito or credit repair has become a growing need and service for local residents. With much stricter mortgage guidelines buying a home in El Paso and anywhere in the country has become much more difficult, so it is very important to have good credit. When purchasing a home in El Paso it is important that you hire an experienced El Paso real estate agent who knows the El Paso real estate market. If you are in the market to buy a home in El Paso CRE can set you up with one of the top El Paso Realtors to search for your El Paso dream home. The home buying process can be fun and it can be stressful, so CRE lets you have all the fun while we set you up to take all the stressful parts out of it for you. If you don’t already qualify for a home CRE can help you fix your credit which is important to do before you start your home search in the El Paso area. Once you are prequalified for a home you can figure out the home price you can qualify for and start looking for houses. This is very much encouraged to first time home buyers looking for an FHA loan in El Paso as there are many requirements and limitations when buying a home with an FHA loan. There are many great suburbs of El Paso as well in both Texas and New Mexico for a home buyer to choose from. If you are starting the process contact CRE Credit Services to help get you qualified for a home!
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