Credit Scam- Check Your Statements

Credit Scam- Check Your Statements

Over the past several months we have learned of security breaches at places like Target. Target alone admitted that up to 40 million credit card numbers may have been compromised. What this means is that thieves can possibly have your credit card number and are looking to take your money.

To protect yourself you are going to have to be diligent. Check your credit card statements daily and line by line. There have been reports coming out that people are finding a fraudulent charge on their bills of $9.84. This amount was done deliberately by the thieves because they are counting on you noticing it. And with 40 million different credit card numbers at their disposal this can really add up to a big score for them.

If you find a charge you are unsure of on your credit card statement call your bank immediately. Find out what information they have on the “purchase” and if it is in fact fraudulent dispute it, and have the bank send you new credit card with a different card number. Banks are aware of the theft and should be willing to work with you to the best of their abilities to protect your money even it just $10 or less. If you do not fight the first fraudulent charge you find it will be much more difficult in the future if the charges keep occurring.

It’s sad that every day it seems there are more news about credit card thieves, whether its them skimming your information from you local atm or gas station or whether they are hacking the computers of major retailers. The best thing you can do is just stay on top of your purchases, keep your receipts and match them with your statements. With our blog here we will try to keep you up to date on the latest news and developments.

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