Your Credit Safety Net

Your Credit Safety Net

Most people assume the reason to have good credit is if you are wanting to purchase something in the near future such as a house or car. They will contact us after being denied for a loan or credit card and only then will decide to get serious about their credit. What people don’t understand is that having good credit all the time is very important. It can end up being your safety net in a time of need.

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We at CRE Credit Services hear from clients all the time that have at some point in their life been laid off, or had a medical issues that prevented them from working, or had an accident that they couldn’t afford. In those cases if the person didn’t have good credit then they found themselves burning through their savings as they struggled to keep up. In a lot of cases they found themselves having spent all of their savings and then falling behind on all their important bills like their car or house payment. This only served to hurt their credit even more and in some instances forced them into declaring bankruptcy.

Now while we would never advocate someone living off their credit cards, but when you have good credit you know that having a card with a decent limit will be there as parachute to help ease your fall when life starts crashing down. Having good credit will be there to help pay your bills when you can’t work or help get the needed repairs on your car. This is why it is imperative to always stay on top of your credit score and what exactly is on your credit reports.

With our program that we offer we not only help to remove the inaccuracies from credit reports to help increase your score we also work to give you expert credit education that will help you maintain your credit score for the rest of your life.

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