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What is Credit Repair Restoration?

Quite simply, Credit Repair Restoration is the act of ensuring that everything that is on your credit reports is accurate and verifiable.  A recent study showed that most all credit reports contain inaccurate information that is causing millions of Americans to not have the good credit score that they should.


How Does Credit Repair Restoration Work?

While all Credit Restoration companies work differently, Credit Restoration is the process of disputing the accuracy or verifiability of account information in your credit reports. Disputing information in your credit reports with the credit reporting agencies (CRAs), creditors and collection agencies is a legal right afforded to consumers through provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal consumer protection laws. 

Upon receiving a dispute, CRAs and creditors have 30 days to investigate and ascertain whether the accounts are incorrect, outdated or unverifiable. If so, any such accounts must be removed from the credit report and the results of the investigation sent to the consumer within 5 days.


How Much Can Credit Repair Restoration Bring Up My Score?

While every person’s credit profile is different we have seen scores improve from as low as the 300’s to as high as nearly 800 when the restoration is complete.  This means after completing Credit Restoration you can be approved for personal, auto, and mortgage loans.


How Long Does Credit Repair Restoration Take?

A typical credit repair restoration program will take about six months.  Many times you can expect to results much faster.


How Do I Sign Up for Credit Repair Restoration?

You can simple call CRE Credit Services at (888) 799-7267 and speak to a Credit Expert for a free consultation.  During the call they will pull a copy of each credit report and design a credit repair restoration plan specifically for you.

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