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Credit Repair Agency

If you have been declined for a home or car recently because you have poor credit you need credit repair.  While many people initially try to remove the negative and inaccurate marks from their Credit Reports, most end up using the services of a credit repair agency.   This is because the laws regarding credit reporting changing constantly and only those in the industry have the time and experience to keep on top of these changes.  But how do you know what to look for when choosing a Credit Repair Agency?



The first thing you need to look for is experience.  How many years have they been working in Credit Repair and related fields such as mortgage and finance.



Just how good are they are at getting the derogatory marks off the credit report?  Many companies will have actual deletion letters they can show you so that you see real results of people going through their program.



Do they follow all federal, state, and local laws?  Some states require companies to be bonded and some require them to be registered with the State Secretary of State. 



Do they have a money back guarantee?  A reputable Credit Repair Agency will usually have a money back guarantee insuring their services.  This will let you know just how confident they are in the program.


While there are countless Credit Repair Agencies out there we at CRE Credit Services are happy to put our program against any of them.  We were founded nearly a decade ago by National Recognized Credit Expert Simon Webster who can be seen speaking at credit and mortgage seminars around the country.  Visit our website at to see just how our program works.  We all are fully compliant, bonded, and registered with the Texas Secretary of State.


To hear more about our program please call and speak to a credit expert at (888) 799-7267 for a free consultation.

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