Credit and Employment

Credit and Employment

If you have tried to get a new job recently you may have noticed that more and more companies are requiring a credit check. This means that those collections accounts can not only stop you from getting new loans but all stop you from getting employed. This means what is showing on your credit report is very important, now more than ever.

To avoid having the embarrassment of being denied due to poor credit you must know what an employer is looking for when they pull your credit. The first thing you should know is that they aren’t looking at your overall score like a lender might but instead looking at what is actually on your credit report. They want to know what items and how many items you are past due on or in collections. They do this so that they can determine how reliable of an employee you will be. They want to know just how good is your word.

Now one problem that many of our clients have seen is that they have inaccuracies on their credit reports that are causing them to look worse than they are. Actually, a recent FTC study showed that nearly 2/3rds of all Americans have mistakes on their credit reports. The mistakes include: improper amounts of debt, debt showing as past due when it is not, and debts not belonging to the consumer. These mistakes can be detrimental, not only to getting employment but also in the overall credit score.

If you know that you have these mistakes on your credit reports or have been denied employment or a loan then you might be in need of CRE Credit Services. At CRE Credit Services our unique 7 step plan can remove the inaccuracies and ensure that everything on your credit reports is accurate and verifiable. Once everything is accurate and verifiable you will start to see your score rise and and be in a prime spot for employment.

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