CEO Simon Webster Speak At NAPMW

CEO Simon Webster Speak At NAPMW

Our CEO, Simon Webster has been in beautiful Las Vegas this week participating in the NAPMW (The National Association Of Professional Mortgage Women) annual conference held at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This is the premier event for women in the mortgage industry. The event includes many great speakers, exhibits, educational materials, and other services to help advance women in the mortgage industry.

The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women is the industry leader championing the advancement of women in mortgage related professions by providing business, personal, and leadership development to all professionals within the mortgage industry. As one of the oldest organizations of its kind, NAPMW is committed to maintaining the highest standards of the profession by providing its members with opportunities that help strengthen professional skills and cultivate personal relationships.

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CRE Credit Services CEO, Simon Webster has a personal passion for women within in the mortgage industry that stems from being raised by the strong and independent Sharon Webster. Sharon Webster, in addition to being Simon’s mother, is also a senior professional at CRE Credit Services. Working with her led to Simon being a co-author of the book “Creating Financial Empowerment For Your Family (The Women’s guide to Credit and Finances)”. It was on this topic that Simon spoke at NAPMW; helping women improve their credit to get the home of their dreams.

We at CRE are very proud to have been able to participate at such a wonderful event held by such an amazing organization. If you would like more information about NAPMW , their mission, and events that they host you can visit them on the web at We look forward to participating in many more events with them in the future and hope to many new and familiar faces at the next.

We want to give a special Thank You to the board at NAPMW for having us.

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