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CRE Credit Services is the leading credit repair firm in the country with a proprietary credit report audit process designed by the co-owner and former member of Experian's legal and compliance department James Charlet. Mr. Charlet is known and the nation's leading credit expert and sits on the board of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations as the Head of Credit Education and the Head of Governmental Affairs. Due to this unmatched experience CRE has the highest correction/deletion rate on credit reports in the country. If you are looking to buy a house, a car, or put yourself in a better financial position call CRE today and talk to one of our live credit experts in a completely free consultation of your credit report.

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CRE is dedicated to our community and our country.

cre_img1.pngOur mission is to improve financial literacy in this country. We offer discounted services to military personnel, first responders and teachers. As a company, we donate time, money, and resources to promoting credit education and support many other charities.

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Thank you so much, it has been very exciting to see the results coming.


I know the challenges of trying to rebuild, thank you for getting that back for me.


After seeing the miracles your services perform I will be recommending you to others.


Most of all I appreciate the professional manner in the way your firm treated me.


Get a free consultation and analysis of your credit reports and scores from one of our experienced credit experts. Let us help you achieve your credit and financial goals today!


Our 7 stage system is the most successful credit repair process in the country that produces unmatched results. Our process was developed by one of our owners, James Charlet, who is a former member of Experian's legal and compliance department (CASS).


We educate our clients on how to understand and maintain their credit so they can reap the financial benefits of having great credit. We don't want repeat clients we want client referrals! k