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Aurora, CO Credit Repair

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Better Credit…Better Options

We understand how difficult life can be if you are suffering from poor credit. It can make it difficult to get a credit card, a new car, and you can forget about getting your dream home. If you are able to be approved for anything then you can expect high-interest rates which can cause your monthly payment to skyrocket. Even just 60 points difference on a credit score has the ability to cost you hundreds of dollars a month in payments and thousands of dollars over a year. Sufficed to say, your credit score is extremely important. No other 3 digit number can have such an impact on your standard of living and your bank account.

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This is why at CRE Credit Services we have a unique program that can have your credit repaired within 6 months.  Our program is proprietary and was designed to get our clients mortgage ready.  Through this program we can help remove the inaccuracies that come from misreported Late PaymentsCollection AccountsRepossessions, and Bankruptcies.

As you go through the program you can not only expect to receive world class service you will also be provided heaps of credit education.  This is to ensure that when you leave our program you not only have the credit score you need but you have the tools and knowledge to maintain your credit for years to come.

When you call our office for a free consultation you will speak to an expert credit repair representative.  This person will help you pull copies of each of you 3 credit reports and then design a plan of attack based on your specific situation and specific goals.  So whether or not you are wanting a new a car, a credit card, or a home to finally call your own we can ensure that you are on the path to success.

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