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About Us

Better Credit…Better Options

CRE Credit Services is a credit services organization offering credit repair services, credit restoration services, credit building services, and credit education services. We operate in full compliance with Federal CROA and Texas State CSO regulations. CRE Credit Services is owned and operated by professionals with extensive experience in personal finance, banking, credit, credit reporting, collections, finance, mortgage, and experts that have been doing credit repair for nearly a decade.  CRE Credit Services assists our clients in correcting and improving clients credit reports, credit scores, and credit knowledge.

CRE Credit Services has become the proven and trusted leader in the nation for credit repair and credit education services. Many banks, lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, and insurance companies send their clients to CRE so that they can become qualified or more qualified for a mortgage, vehicle, better insurance rates, or better interest rates. We have saved clients tens of millions of dollars in interest by improving their credit and making them more well qualified buyers and more financially secure. We offer a completely free credit analysis and consultation from one of our credit experts. We are the industry leaders when it comes to credit repair results and education and offer a full money back guarantee to our clients!

CRE Credit Services is involved in many organizations and is very active both locally and nationally in many charities and in promoting credit education as a part of our CRE Gives Back Campaign. Please refer to our FAQ’s for the most commonly asked questions or call one of our credit experts today at: 888-799-SCORE (7267)

Message from our CEO Simon Webster:

Our company was founded because of our strong desire to help people and the strong need for a real and reputable credit repair company for consumers to use. We don’t cut corners and we have the best guarantee out there, because we don’t want money from people we don’t help. This same passion for what we do in helping consumers with their credit is something you will see from every employee here at CRE. Nearing 100 employees there is one thing everyone here has in common is that we want to help more people every single day. This true desire for us to help others has been what has made us so successful; regardless of how great our services are. If there is anyone who ever feels like they aren’t treated like part of our family you can call and ask for me directly. We understand how important your credit is to you and how difficult such an important decision can be on what to do about your credit and who to trust with it. When you contact us we will do whatever we can to help you whether you become a client or not. If you do become a client we will make sure to help educate you for life so you can put yourself in the best possible financial position. We want to make sure you have peace of mind financially and that you don’t have to worry about the burden of credit issues moving forward. At CRE we love referrals and pictures of our clients in front of their new home or car, but we don’t want repeat clients.

Start today by calling toll free: 888-799-7267 (SCORE)

Commonly Asked Questions and Additional Information

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