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Credit Repair From Experienced Credit Rebuilders

A bad or below-average credit score can hold you back and prevent you from realizing your dreams. Those dreams might include trading up for a better car, moving into a nicer neighborhood, or even owning your own home. The good news is that CRE Credit Services can help you fix your bad score and achieve your goals!

Why us?

Simply put, we offer excellent results and fair pricing. While our competitors continue to charge a monthly fee indefinitely, when you partner with CRECredit Services, you pay a fee for no longer than six months, no matter how long we work with you. And we offer the best money back guarantee in the business.


With over 25 years experience in the lending and credit industries, our team members are respected thought leaders who are frequent speakers at mortgage and real estate industry conferences and gatherings.


We are known as trusted partners throughout the mortgage industry. We receive many referrals from both clients and the lending community, who know our success rate and our reputation for superb technology and top-level support services.


We don’t just fix the problem. We give you the tools to maintain your improved credit. We provide you with a free, in-depth credit analysis to help you understand what needs to be done and then equip you with the knowledge you need to go forward and forge a strong financial foundation.

Let Us Help You Fix Your Bad Credit!

Here are some examples from actual situation to illustrate the importance of repairing a poor credit score


  • Someone applying for a $200,000 mortgage with bad credit likely can’t qualify for regular rates and may only qualify for rates much higher (6%) than the current average rate.
  • On a car loan of $25,000, a person with a bad score is not offered lower interest rates and instead is only offered a loan at 15% over 60 months. This loan will cost nearly $35,700 over the life of the loan for a $25,000 car.
  • Home and auto insurance cost an average of $5,300 per year.


  • On a $200,000 mortgage, a person with good credit could be eligible for an interest rate of 4% or lower.
  • The same car loan of $25,000 at 3% over 60 months will only cost $26,900 over the life of the loan.
  • Insurance on the same car and home as quoted above will cost an average of $3,800 per year.

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